"Competing together"

"Innovative software product for sentiment analysis in Romanian texts - SENTITEXT", SMIS code 156284 Română –SENTITEXT”, cod SMIS 156284


SENTITEXT is an innovative software product for sentiment analysis of Romanian texts. The product is aimed at Romanian financial-banking, non-banking financial and fintech organizations that own call centres.

SENTITEXT aims to improve customer service and overall business performance by providing sentiment analysis reports that can help companies identify and respond to various adverse situations, improve service/product quality, discover new marketing strategies, increase sales revenue and reduce risk.


Romanian is an understudied language in computational linguistics, and SENTITEXT addresses this challenge by creating robust lexical-semantic resources in the form of affective lexicons or annotated corpora.

SENTITEXT is an essential tool for companies that want to penetrate new markets with new products and meet the most demanding requirements, leading to a considerable increase in recorded revenues.

Studies have shown that digitization programmes have helped organizations increase sales, adapt to market trends and improve internal processes, but many Romanian-owned companies rely on intuition rather than consistent marketing and digitization programmes.

SENTITEXT aims to bridge this gap by providing organisations with a reliable and effective marketing analytics tool. The product improves customer service, increases customer satisfaction, facilitates the service/product improvement process, uncovers new marketing strategies, increases sales revenue, improves crisis management, reduces risk in financial-banking, non-banking and fintech organizations, and increases agility and speed.


Banking Institutions

Insurance Companies

Private Pension Administrators

Fintech Companies

"Competing together"

"Innovative software product for sentiment analysis in Romanian texts - SENTITEXT", SMIS code 156284 Română –SENTITEXT”, cod SMIS 156284

Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020, slogan Competitive together.

Beneficiary: T2 S.R.L. in partnership with Babeș-Bolyai University.

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